4 img series “Nightmare”

I shot this a long time ago using extremely cheap film that I pulled out of disposable camera and used on my F75 with 50mm 1.8 lense. Just got around to editing it now (it’s been years, seriously). It was a wonderful evening, quite sunny for late autumn in Ireland, almost magic hour worthy. It keeps surprising me – the fact that sometimes, after you done post-processing, you realise that finished product has pretty much nothing to do with the way you felt when shooting and everything with the what kind of mood you are in now.  

Old Mellifont Abbey Shoot Photos

A couple of photographs from the Old Mellifont Abbey Shoot. Love the drama, there is something about that place that brings it on the surface. Definitely a good location for an editorial photoshoot.       Model: Black Swan Persona Designer: Vicky Stella N Make-up: Danielle Horan Assistant: Martina Branigan

Old Mellifont Abbey Shoot

Spend all day yesterday shooting a clothes collection in the beautiful 1000 (+ -) years old Abbey in Drogheda. Quite disappointed with using EF-530 DG ST Sigma flash for the first time. Seconds it takes to recharge could be used to have a separate photoshoot. I am excited to try out new Adobe Photoshop CS6. Let’s see what it can do in terms of making photos look more polished. When it comes to fashion I am definitely more of a studio photographer, so shooting on location is always a bit of a challenge for me for many different reasons. Starting …