Victor’s Way

Very slowly getting back into taking photographs. For now just uploading some to Instagram, but hoping to come up with some sort of project in the next while. Drawing blank for now, but I am sure I’ll get there eventually.

Gray Spanish Point

“Some things seem to be viewed in similar ways by many people, and I think we should take another look at these and truly question them. In our search for our own truth we need to ensure that we are not acting like sheep, merely following the herd behavior. One of these areas is that things are often regarded as opposites, things like black and white, day and night, light and dark, are obvious examples. A more open view might say they are opposite sides of one coin. I would go a little further and suggest to you that they are …

Palace of Versailles

Just getting around to editing photographs from my trip to France last year. Don’t expect anything special – I’ve spent most of my time in Disneyland. Here is a touristy snap from Palace of Versailles. “No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson

Dublin Mountain

A few images taken using medium format Bronica a while back. I am looking for some inspiration to get back into photography again. I find it ironic that after finally getting my degree, I have very small amount of desire to use it or things I’ve learned.

4 img series “Nightmare”

I shot this a long time ago using extremely cheap film that I pulled out of disposable camera and used on my F75 with 50mm 1.8 lense. Just got around to editing it now (it’s been years, seriously). It was a wonderful evening, quite sunny for late autumn in Ireland, almost magic hour worthy. It keeps surprising me – the fact that sometimes, after you done post-processing, you realise that finished product has pretty much nothing to do with the way you felt when shooting and everything with the what kind of mood you are in now.